In Moscow, Bengal kittens are sold and 20 thousand rubles each, and 100 thousand rubles. Reasonable question - what is the difference between animals, and why do some kittens cost more.

What the price consists of

1. Class. "Bengalis", like other thoroughbred cats, can be divided into three classes: Pet, Breed and Show. The first class is cats, which are intended for home and family. They are not tribal, and sometimes they also have cosmetic imperfections on their bodies. Although these features do not affect the health and physical condition of cats, they significantly reduce the cost. "Bengalis" of this class can be bought at a price of 20 thousand rubles. up to 50 thousand rubles. Cats of the second class are the keepers of the breed. They are great for crossing and breeding. The price of a kitten of this class is from 50 thousand rubles. up to 100 thousand rubles. Show cats are animals with an appropriate temperament. They love to show themselves and feel great at exhibitions. The cost of such "Bengalis" - from 100 thousand rubles.

2. Type and color. There are generally accepted international standards regarding the shape and size of parts of the trunk of the Bengal cat, as well as its color. Rare colors are considered wool: mink, snow, blue, coal, steppe. The shape of the spots, the intensity of the color and the expressiveness of the contrast of several shades, etc., are also taken into account. It is rather difficult to obtain a Bengal kitten that fully meets strict standards. Therefore, the low price of "Bengalese" with a beautiful and, moreover, a rare color can not be.

3. Health. If the kitten's health has been taken care of since its birth, later it can be sold more expensive. Health care means timely inoculation, as well as the introduction of the necessary vitamins and minerals in everyday food.

Of course, the sellers of Bengal kittens additionally expect:

  • animal welfare costs
  • the costs of breeding and breeding planning
  • The cost of the site or advertising.

If we add up all these factors, then we can conclude that healthy Bengal kittens with pronounced signs of the breed and a trusted breeder are more expensive for buyers than others. The choice of an animal class is an exclusively individual matter. If you do not plan to participate in exhibitions and other events, then you can limit yourself to the Pet class and buy a pet without overpaying.