Where it is better to bui the bengalese kitten?

You decided to have a kitten of Bengali breed. Congratulations, this is a very good choice! However, the decision is only the first step. It is important now to properly implement it and choose your pet, in which both you and your family will not shower souls. Where to buy the "Bengalese"?

Store or bird market

The simplest and most affordable way is to go to the store or, even less costly, to the bird market. However, this is the most improper and risky way to acquire a pet.

  • 1. You will never see the kitten's parents. And without this, you can not be completely sure that you are buying a healthy "Bengali woman."
  • 2. You will not be able to see the results of the genetic tests, you can hardly get adequate information about the veterinary care of the kitten until the moment of purchase.
  • 3. You will not be able to find out the truth about the conditions under which the kitten was kept, and how the environment affected its character.
  • The store and market is the place where kittens are sold not by "breeders", but by "breeders". Yes, sometimes among them there are people who genuinely love animals, but they can hardly give them proper care. Often, such salespeople tell potential customers about saving a kitten and affect emotions. However, in the end, they are always interested in profit, so it's hardly a question of a humane attitude to animals.

    Most often, these "breeders" pets are kept in tight unsuitable premises. Crossing is uncontrolled, and nobody watches the litter. It is very difficult and almost impossible to observe and maintain the generally accepted standards of the breed in such conditions. This situation is not only useless for the breed, but also dangerous for the animals themselves. Since "Bengalis" are susceptible to some genetic diseases, uncontrolled mating can cause severe and sometimes fatal ailments.

    "Breeders" do not worry about the animal getting vitamins and minerals necessary for development so that it is grafted and well-groomed. You can buy a kitten with hidden or even obvious problems that you ignore simply because of your inexperience. At the same time, savings are not always significant. "Breeders" often sell Bengal kittens for almost the same price as the tested nurseries. So is it worth saving? You decide! But if you want to buy a healthy thoroughbred pet, definitely choose the place of purchase for the nursery.