• GICH Miraclebengals Damask
  • Delores Oldrace
  • Дата рождения: 08.11.2016
  • Окрас: Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby
  • Владелец: Vladislav Y.

The brightest babe with a light background and a very contrasting rosette. The cat carries the genes of the best nurseries in Europe and America. Excellent type, small ears, angelic character - that's how you can characterize Gemin at first sight. The girl is very friendly both to people and to other cats, while never letting herself be insulted. At home he likes to play with a string and lie on the warm floor with heating.

Elegant and graceful Bengal cat, the price of which varies depending on the quality and level of the animal, can be an important acquisition for someone who wants to open a cattery of Bengal cats in Moscow or in another city. This breed is relatively young, and therefore its popularity in the World grows every day. Many breeders are ready to pay a round sum in rubles or euros for a high-level cat that can be used for breeding and exhibiting at exhibitions. However, if the Bengal cat, which you are going to buy, will not be used in breeding, it can be assumed that the price will be more democratic. If the city of your residence is Moscow, we invite you to choose a cat personally. Here you should adhere to the important rule - health + beauty + temperament. After all, you always want your pet to be beautiful and attract the attention of your guests, and in the evenings - lay with you in an embrace on the couch and purred. Therefore it is extremely important to choose the right nursery, avoiding the offer of low-level nurseries with a low price. Often, in such places, the cheapest cat food is used and all necessary vaccinations and vaccines for cats are rarely made. In any case, the choice of the pet should be approached thoroughly and responsibly.

All the breeding animals of the Aventinus cattery are selected in accordance with the strict rules of the international felinological systems standards WCF (Germany) and TICA (USA). With our Bengal cats - producers you can see in this section. We also recommend visiting the sections of Koty and Kittens.