Few words about us and our cats.

The history of our hobby of Bengal cats breeding began pretty curiously. While visiting the USA in 2009, as always we were walking around the local streets in pursuit of new places to see. After lunch, we went to a local café. The weather was amazing, and not so many people around. So, without any hurrying, we took our freshly-made coffee with doughnuts and sat at the window enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of the park and the street full of flowers. Seems like nothing unusual, right? Well, not at all. In less than a minute Olya suddenly elbowed me, I turned my head and saw her astonished face looking towards the park. Right there a girl was walking with an incredibly beautiful little leopard by her side. Yes, that’s exactly what we thought when we first saw a Bengal cat. Without wasting any time we run out of the café and chased after her to flood her with questions and look at this marvelous creature more closely. While talking to the girl we found out that this is not at all a leopard but a Bengal cat; and it’s actually not that hard to tame it, it needs similar care as any other domestic cat. We exchanged contacts and went on sharing our deep impressions with each other. At that time we couldn’t think that the cattery of Bengal cats would be such an important part of our lives.

Several years have passed since then, and we decided to buy our first cat. We were faced with a question – ‘Where do we buy a Bengal kitten?’ After having a long discussion, the decision was made to bring it here from the USA. We realized that it’s quite expensive since delivery and transportation of pets around the world cost a lot. The cattery of Bengal cats in Moscow was good, but kittens were either not having the blood or the breed we needed. After some time the moment came – an elegant Bengal kitty finally has made her way to our house. It was 7 years ago. It was a bright and contrast-colored she-cat. It seemed to us that it was a living embodiment of a tender and joyful domestic leopard that everyone could only dream about. Kitty was delivered to us by the plane, which cost us an immense amount of money. Still, we didn’t regret at all, because it was our old dream – to open a cattery of Bengal cats in Moscow. This kitten was the beginning of Aventinus Bengal Cattery.

Standards of care for our pets.

All our cats live in a spacious country-house and a flat in Moscow. When we’re going to our summer house, we’re always trying to take our pets with us, so they can laze in the sun and frolic in the fresh air. Bengal cats – especially young Bengal kittens – love to play with all family members including kids and grandparents. We pay special attention to feeding. We use exclusively balanced Super-Premium cat food. All cats undergo a compulsory vaccination, have rabies shots and pass through a comprehensive medical examination several times a year.

Over the years of the cattery existence, a huge amount of work has been done in improving the Bengal breed. As we all know, this is a young breed, thus, a constant improvement of certain characteristics is the responsibility of an experienced breeder. While choosing cats for mating we try to take into account the following important factors: color, type, health, temper. It is highly important for us to leave the best and the most worthy representatives of Bengal cats for breeding.


Cats and kitties from Aventinus cattery – as well as those of them who found a new home – are constantly participating in various competitions both in Russia and abroad. We are extremely proud of our pets and the highest grades they get from international experts and communities such as WCF (Germany) and TICA (USA) feline systems. Gr. I. Ch.Oldrace Oscar of Aventinus – our main current ‘kitten producer’ – is one of the three best Bengal cats in the world according to the prestigious World Ratting WCF!


You can find information regarding all producers of Aventinus cattery in our website; go to the pages ‘Cats’ to see male producers and ‘Kitties’ for she-cats. If you are a novice breeder or you need additional information on care for Bengal cats, be sure to check out our Blog. If you already fell in love with this breed and want to buy yourself a Bengal kitten, visit our page ‘Kittens’. For all your questions, feel free to contact us, using the information on the Contacts page.