Hello! We are called Vladislav and Olga. We breeders and owners of Aventinus Bengal CatteryTM - Bengal cattery in Moscow. We are glad to welcome you on our site! We hope that you will find a lot of useful and interesting information about this wonderful breed.


The main mission of our cattery Aventinus is constant improvement. From the time of foundation to the present day, we are trying to improve and consolidate in our cats such fundamental factors as type, color, nature, health and good generic activity. For us, a Bengali breed, to buy a kitten of which, at first glance, does not seem complicated, is everyday work. We always strive to get the best kittens from the best and well-chosen manufacturers.

The Aventinus cattery is officially registered, and also constantly cooperates with the leading World felinology systems WCF (Germany) and TICA (USA).

The main producers of our kennel bear the best and rare blood of nurseries from Canada, the USA, Ukraine and Russia.

We pay special attention to the health of our pets. All the producers of the nursery are selected especially carefully. Deworming and vaccination of cats and kittens is done on time and only with imported drugs. We exclude and never allow the breeding of cats and cats without tests for genetic diseases.

бенгальские котята купить в москве бенгальский котенок купить в москве недорого catпродажа котят бенгалов

Participation in exhibitions is a constant process that requires attention and preparation. Our cats and graduates many times won the pedestals of both Russian and International exhibitions. Not so long ago GR. I. Ch. Oldrace Oscar - the main producer - bengal kennel Aventinus entered the TOP-3 of the Best Bengal cat of the World on the WCF system!


Compliance with cleanliness is important. For cleaning we use specialized means, such as Lina for animals, a disinfectant, which you can buy in Moscow or in any other city. Premises are constantly ventilated. If we go to the country or the countryside, then we take with us our cats, so that they warmed themselves in the sun and climbed the trees - this is a special joy for Bengals.


All kittens of our cattery are ready to move to a new house not earlier than 3 months. For departure abroad is 4 months.

When moving to a new house, the kitten will have:

  • Dehumification
  • Vaccination against viral diseases (+ revaccination)
  • Vaccination against rabies
  • International Veterinary Passport
  • Microchip (when sent abroad, in other cases - at the request of the buyer)
  • Certificate for export of Form 1 (when sending abroad or in other city of the Russian Federation)
  • A metric or pedigree (when you buy in breeding)
  • A contract for the purchase of a kitten
  • Content guidelines
  • Gift from the sponsor (wrapping food + filler)

You can choose and buy a Bengal kitten from the Kittens.  The

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Major features:

  • Elegant grace and beauty: graceful athletic body, splendid leopard spots, and other characteristics were received from a common ancestor – Asian leopard cat
  • Perfect temper: Bengal cats combine playfulness and unobtrusiveness, which differentiates them from other cat breeds
  • Loyalty: Bengal cats are committed to their owner and family members. Brilliantly get along with children and other pets
  • Savvy and quick-wittedness: want to hide something from your pet? – Well, not going to happen. Your pet will quickly find and get it, no matter how hard it is to do it
  • Calmness and tranquility: a well-mannered Bengal cat knows the value of itself and everything around it. At the right moment, it will tirelessly run and play with you at home or outside, and then cuddle watching TV with you.

You can find more information about Bengal cats on the page



Bengal cats of Aventinus cattery

  • Healthy cats only: all our cats underwent compulsory vaccination and have rabies shots. Also, we do genetic tests in Russian and international laboratories for all our producers
  • Color and type: we are very attentive to the shape of rosette and type of our cats. We already made an immense amount of work in improving the breed, and we are not going to stop there
  • Tender social pets: kittens are raised in a loving and caring environment, housetrained. Following our care instruction, you can get a faithful friend for life. Everyone will admire your new pet!
  • Delivery of kittens all over the world: you can be sure in reliable delivery when buying a kitten from our cattery. You can take a kitten straight from our house in Moscow. We deliver in Russia or abroad with an international carrier or courier.
  • Bengal cats ready to breed: our kittens have breed records in International feline systems and meet the standards of Bengal breed READ MORE»


  • Our pets are treated against endo- and ectoparasites, vaccinated against panleukopenia, respiratory diseases, and rabies
  • We attach club breed records, genetic tests and heart ultrasound scan for both parents
  • We send care instructions with every kitten as well as starter feed, cat litter filler, one-time discount coupon and Royal Canin gift set


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Bengal cats break down stereotypes. They are true predators with the playful and tender temper of domestic cats. They are not afraid of other animals, even the largest ones. Moreover, they treat dogs as friends and love playing with them. Bengal cats can even keep the watch over the house – they have a well-developed sense of territory and control.


  • Natali T.


    Many thanks to Vlad and Ole for their help, advice and support!
  • Vika and Sasha (St. Petersburg)


    Thank Vlad for the delivery to our city! Everything is quick and fast! The kitten is super! Eats, drinks water from the sink, is played with our dog :))